Hugo Grün Fountain pen

This fountain pen was made by Hugo Grün, a silversmith working in Copenhagen from 1918 – 1937 (although his workshop continued to produce works until the 1980’s). It is a little unusual in that it has a telescopic design.

The pen has an inner barrel that consists of an ebonite interior (which holds the ink) encased in a silver tube. (If the inner barrel is pulled completely out of the outer barrel, you can see the bottom of the ebonite liner at the bottom.) When retracted, as shown above, the length of the pen is 98 mm. When extended, as shown below, it is almost 139 mm in length.

The pen has an ebonite section that shows some signs of colouration, as can be seen below.

The pen has obviously been well-used over the years as both the barrel and the cap have some pretty serious dents, which I have hidden from view in the photos. However, it writes smoothly, with a controllable flexibility in the Warranted nib.

The “H.Gr.” hallmark, indicating that it was made by Hugo Grün is beside the “800S” stamp – meaning that the pen is 80% silver and 20% other metals. This is sometimes known of as “coin silver” and is a lower grade than that commonly used for jewellery.

Total weight: 121.2  g
Body weight: 15.1 g
Total length (not posted, retracted): 98.0  mm
Total length (not posted, extended): 138.9  mm
Total length(with cap): 103.0 mm
Barrel max diameter: 10.9 mm
Cap max diameter: 10.9 mm


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