What’s in a name?

The names of the PM Pen models are originally names of communities and towns in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

The Hickman
Hickman’s Harbour is a fishing community on Random Island in Trinity Bay, Newfoundland.

The Loreburn
was a town that was emptied due to the resettlement policy of the Newfoundland government. It is being re-built by descendants of the families that were moved out – sometimes re-creating houses that existed 50 years ago.

The Petley
Petley is another community on Random Island.

The Athlone
On the Southern Shore of the Avalon Peninsula, there is a small fishing community called Calvert, originally called Caplin Bay. The north side of this bay was originally called Athlone.

The Barton
Barton was a town in Eastern Newfoundland, near Clarenville.

The Epworth
Epworth-Great Salmonier is a small town on the Burin Peninsula on the South coast of Newfoundland. It was originally settled by the French in the mid-1700’s but was re-settled by the English about 100 years later. 

The Toslow
Toslow is another community that was re-settled in the mid-1900’s. Situated in Placentia Bay, it had about 20 people living there in the 1800’s, all of them living from the fishing industry. The reason any Newfoundlander will have heard of Toslow is because of its mention in the folk ballad “The Ryans and the Pittmans” – better known as “We’ll Rant and We’ll Roar”.

The Balena
Belena was a community situated in Fortune Bay. Again, many Newfoundlanders will know the name, not because of the town, but because of “The Balena”  – a 1960’s song about a ship with that name that was sailing to Baffin Bay in the 1870’s as part of the whaling industry.

The Barachois

“A barachois is a term used in Atlantic Canada, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Réunion and Mauritius Island to describe a coastal lagoon partially or totally separated from the ocean by a sand or shingle bar. Salt water may enter the barachois during high tide.” (Wikipedia) It is also the name of a small town that was on the south coast of Labrador.