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PM Pens, Tvis, Denmark


All pens shown on this site are for sale, unless otherwise indicated.

Please complete the form below or email me if you are interested in purchasing a pen. Additional photos and writing samples are available by request. Custom pens are also available and are made to order, following discussion with the client.

All pens are tested and ready-to-use.

Note that other nibs are available for the custom pens.

Also note that pens fitted with the flex “G” nib require more maintenance than a typical fountain pen, since the nib is designed for a dip pen. This means that if the pen will not be used for an extended period of time (more than a couple of days), it should be emptied of ink and allowed to dry to avoid rusting, particularly on the underside of the nib. In addition, dip pen nibs tend to lose their steel point more quickly than typical fountain pens with iridium tips.