Dismantled pens

When I first started restoring vintage fountain pens, one of the first questions I had was “how does this one come apart?” Photos like the ones below helped me a lot.

In some cases, these are photos taken just as the pen came apart, before cleaning…


Matador 76 “Oxford Everdurable”


Montblanc 22 (Note that I did not dismantle the piston.)
Montblanc 24 (Note that I did not dismantle the piston.)
Montblanc 224 (Made in Denmark)


Parker 45 (For instructions on how to dismantle a Parker 45, see this video.)

Parker 65 mk 3. The nib and feeder on this pen MUST NOT be unscrewed from the front. The collector (in blue) must be unscrewed using a special tool from inside the pen (see this page for more information). Rotating the nib and feeder will break a small tab that aligns the assembly in the writing unit. Note that the connector shown in this photo (the threaded brass part on the lower left) is a replacement part – not the original

Penol (and Christian Olsen)

John Bull “Special” (Probably made by Christian Olsen in Copenhagen. Note that the clip and finial are missing.)
Penol Ambassador Senior


Sheaffer Triumph Lifetime No. 1000 (See this page for dismantling instructions)


Summit / Curzon


Watermans 515D