Penol Ambassador Senior

This is a green striped Ambassador Senior made by the Christian Olsen factory. The imprint includes the number “845”, which indicates that the pen was made in August of 1945.

In addition to the Penol logo, the nib has the NGI logo at its base, meaning that it was made by the Nordisk Guldepenne Industri (Nordic gold pen industry) . This was a company run by a silversmith named Frithiof Bratland, and was started by Penol around 1943 to make nibs. Due to the shortage of gold during the war, Penol secured at least some of the materials for these nibs by asking in their advertisement for donations from Danish citizens. (See “Penol Pens and Pencils” by Martins and Miloro for more of this history.)

Sadly, this pen has been dropped sometime in its life. As a result the iridium tip is missing from the nib, which was also significantly bent when I obtained it. Although I was able to straighten the nib, the missing tip means that it cannot write. So it will remain a lovely collector’s item until I find a replacement nib from an Ambassador in worse shape…

Update: the nib donor has been found. An Ambassador Senior in black, with some serious cracks, but with an identical nib in great condition turned up at an antique dealer. Now the striped pen is working again!

Total weight: 12.6  g
Body weight: 10.3  g
Total length (not posted): 122.4  mm
Total length(with cap): 133.7 mm
Barrel max diameter: 13.3 mm
Cap max diameter: 15.2 mm


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