Parker 75 – Insignia Cicelé Set

The Parker 75 was designed by Kenneth Parker (son of George Parker), and better known as “KP” to his colleagues. It was designed to be a higher-end pen in the Parker portfolio and was intended to be released for the 75th anniversary of the company in 1963 – although it wasn’t publicly available until the year after.

This set is the 14k gold-filled Insignia Cicelé design and includes (from left to right in the above photo)

  • a mechanical pencil (based on the cartridge pencil refill)
  • a ballpoint pen
  • a fountain pen with a broad nib
  • a fibre-tip pen (that still works!)
  • a small case of lead refills for the pencil

One of the nice features of the 75 fountain pen is that its nib and feeder can be rotated in the section, personalising it for the user. In a normal, round pen, this would not be necessary, however, the 75 has a triangular grip.

As you can see in the photo below, the fibre tip pen has a circular section unlike the fountain pen.

The age of this set is unknown. The Insignia Cicelé model was introduced to the market in 1965, however, this set has the “dish top tassie”, which indicates that it is a later version.

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