Old advertisements

There’s always a Penol that fits [the situation].
Pens from 13.50 DKK
Pencils from 4.00 DKK
Both pens and pencils can be found in various qualities at different prices.
(Familie Journal No 5, 1944)
Familie Journal No 15, 1944
All brands repared
Send them via our dealers
Parker Service Department
(Familie Journal No 52, 1954)
The fountain pen for a lifetime
Excellent quality
14 Karat gold pen
Prices from 35 Kroner
The Fountain Pen Store
(Familie Journal No 15, 1944)
You have to find a Christmas gift with a special character for that special someone. A personal thing… something that they can use and enjoy every day. You don’t have to look any further! Choose the elegant MILLER PEN… It’s a gift for him and her. Available in the newest models and colours, with a quality of the highest class. A MILLER pen and pencil with a beautiful gift box is a gift to delight.
Miller is the pen you can depend on.
(Familie Journal No 48 1952)
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