Rotring 600, steel nib

This is a 2nd Generation Rotring 600. It’s difficult to ascertain the age of this pen, so I’m not going to guess. It has a steel, medium nib and is in excellent condition. The “gears” at the end of the barrel (for ensuring that the cap has the correct rotation) are unmarked and the barrel and cap have no cracks. Unfortunately, I do not have the case…

This is a heavy pen – 23 g when not posted. I would not recommend posting this pen, since the cap is not only a little loose, it’s 16 g and consequently makes the pen top-heavy and unbalanced. This is not a problem for my hand, as the pen is 125 mm without the cap. In addition, the knurled grip makes the pen quite comfortable to use.

Total weight: 39.0 g
Body weight: 23.0 g
Length (not posted): 125 mm
Total length(with cap): 140.5 mm
“Diameter” (on flat sides of hexagon): 10.2 mm

For more info on the Rotring 600, this page and this page are good resources.

<! Price: 1200 DKK plus shipping>


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