How NOT to disassemble a Sheaffer

Today I learned how to NOT disassemble a Sheaffer Triumph 500. I had to get inside it to fix the vacuum piston and I made the incorrect assumption that it came apart just like the 1000 that I fixed once-upon-a-time. So, after a lot of soaking and heating and soaking and heating to unscrew the “section” from the “barrel”, and a lot of patiently increasing torque over about a day of this, the result is shown below.

It seems that the section doesn’t unscrew from the barrel… I guess that I should have unscrewed the threaded end at the bottom of the barrel instead.

Oh well… now I have some spare parts if I ever come across another 500 in need of repair, but I’m quite sad that I destroyed a pen.

This description on restoring a Sheaffer Tuckaway shows a similar view – although this one was because the was a crack that needed repairing to start with..

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