Papers and Inks

This is just a test I did of 6 different inks on 6 different papers.

Figure 1. Right-click the image to view it full-sized.

The shots below are taken with a USB microscope, looking at the top left of each ‘w’ that can be seen in the photo above.

There are some interesting things to note here:

  • the visibility of the fibres of the various papers
  • in some cases, the cracks in the pigment (I guess it’s soot?) is visible in the Herbin ink (on the Rhodia paper, for example)
  • the difference between the dye-based fountain pen inks and the pigment-based inks can be seen in the way the former are pulled into the paper whereas the calligraphy inks appear to sit on the surface.
  • in some cases, the impression left by the two tines of the nib are visible (the most obvious is the Herbin test on the TomoeRiver paper)
  • lastly, it’s interesting to see the sheen in the Pilot and the Diamine inks on some papers, but not others.
Figure 2. Right-click the image to view it full-sized.
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