Skribent “Senior 6”

Skribent was a sub-brand of the Chr. Olsen factory, better known for the Penol and Parker pens in Denmark. The origins of the name “Skribent” are debated, although it is likely that it is derived from the word “at skrive” which is Danish for “to write” and the name Bent Olsen, son of Christian Olsen, and head of the Penol brand from the 1930’s.

Some of the Skribent pens were outsourced either to the Neils Benzton factory (makers of Big Ben and Benco pens) or the Danish manufacturer of Montblanc pens. It is unknown whether the Senior 6 was outsourced or made in the Penol factory, however its design is very similar to the Skribent Super 6 which was one of the pens made by Montblanc.

This pen has a medium-fine nib with very little flex, and is in very good condition.

Note that the Danish Skribent brand should not be confused with the Cleo Skribent brand from Germany.


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