Penol buys Gold

This full-page advertisement in Illustrert Familie Journal, Nr. 36, 1945 says “Gold is worth more than gold to Penol” with the text saying that Penol would buy your gold for more than the going rate. Now that peace has returned to Europe, Penol was ramping up its production, but there was a shortage of gold due to the war… You could either bring it in person to Gothersgade 103 or if you lived “in the provinces” (I guess that would be where I live…) you could send it, and they would either send you payment, or your gold back (free return postage!).

The text, loosely translated, reads:

Gold is worth more than gold to Penol.

That’s why we pay more than the market value for your gold. Although peace has come to Europe, it will be some time before gold is available in the country. We will not resort to substitutions for our Penol gold nibs, which we have been able to continue producing despite the war. So, although peace has come, there is still a need for Penol to buy gold. Therefore, sell your gold to us.

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