The Barton

This is a pen I made for my own daily use. The overall barrel shape and size are similar to a Montblanc 146, but without the weight of the piston mechanism. The cap has an angled entrance because I’m fond of asymmetry. No clip or roll stop, because it will live in my notebook cover most of the time.

Despite the fact that it’s already April, this is the first pen I’ve made this year. There have been just too many other things on the list to get around to spending a day at the lathes.

This is the third pen that I’ve made with this acrylic. It’s not only really nice to work with, but the metallic flecks seem to reflect from layers within the plastic, which gives it a nice sense of depth. I chose to make this one a little thick so that it will withstand a little abuse. A thinner cap and barrel wall could make it almost translucent, but also delicate, and since I plan to use this as a daily pen, I decided to make this one a little more robust…

I’ve put a Bock nib in it for now – although I’ll probably change this in the future to something a little more interesting.

  • Materials: Rust & Black Acrylic Acetate
  • Nib: Bock Extra Fine
  • Nib size: #6
  • Cap: Not Postable
  • Length, capped: 149.2 mm
  • Length, uncapped: 133.2 mm
  • Barrel diameter: 13.7 mm (max)
  • Cap diameter: 16.3 mm (max)
  • Mass, capped: 19.8 g
  • Mass, uncapped: 11.1 g


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