Montblanc 34

The Montblanc 34 was in production in Hamburg from 1961 to 1970 and, along with the 32, were designed to be lower-cost variants of the 22 and 24.

This is a piston-filler pen with a 14 carat gold nib (the 32 S and 34 S versions had silver clips and cap rings, and steel nibs).

Tbe piston is essentially the same as that in the 14 and 24. The mechanism is friction fit (with the help of heat on the barrel) – although if you do not need to disassemble one of these pens, it is advisable to just leave it alone. The 50-year old plastic can crack if subjected to too much force. (If you are repairing a 34, this page is an excellent resource.

The nib assembly pushes back through the section as in the 14 and 24 as well. As can be seen above, there is no gold ring around the ink window as is found in the higher-priced pens. The 34 also differs in that it has a screw-on cap.

Total weight: 14.6  g
Body weight: 9.6  g
Total length (not posted): 123.9  mm
Total length(with cap): 135.5 mm
Barrel max diameter: 12.2 mm
Cap max diameter: 13.5 mm


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