Montblanc 244

This is a Danish-made 244 in dark green marbled celluloid with an integrated ink window, made between 1941 and 1954. Following the numbering system of the time, this means that it is a midrange pen, with a piston filler and a #4 nib with a nice flex.

This pen is in good condition externally, but needed a lot of work internally. The cork gasket in the piston has been replaced with a new one following this procedure and this procedure. Due to some shrinkage of the inside of the piston cylinder, I had to slightly sand the shaft to ensure that it could move in the barrel.

As can be seen in the above photo, the cap bands are slightly loose – enough to move, but not so loose that they fall off.

Total weight: 17.5  g
Body weight: 11.5  g
Total length (not posted): 111.7  mm
Total length(with cap): 123.3 mm
Barrel max diameter: 11.8 mm
Cap max diameter: 13.3 mm


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