Wahl Pen No. 2

The Wahl Pen was introduced in 1921 and featured an all-metal cap and barrel with a lever filler. The thin barrel with integral end cap meant that a larger ink sac could be accommodated, with a larger ink capacity than similarly-sized hard rubber (or “ebonite”) pens. 

It was advertised at the time as practically indestructible, even if dropped or if the cap was screwed on too tightly.

The Wahl Pen advertisement in 1925 stated:

And now the break-proof smooth writing pen

The story of the cracked fountain pen and its broken cap is being told less and less often.

Wahl Pen resists the stoutest fist and comes unscathed through a lifetime of carelessness.

It is made of metal. Which is logical. For the pen barrel and cap are a protection for the rubber ink sac and vital pen parts just as a watch case is guardian of the works.

Wahl Pen is gold or silver, which is also according to the watchmaker’s experience.

The thin metal walls of the Wahl Pen barrel are strong as steel and allow space for a much larger ink sac.

Wahl nibs write with ivory-like smoothness and their iridium tips cannot be excelled in wearing quality.

Wahl Pen is not only serviceable, but beautiful, as a fine personal article should be. It is made in designs to match Eversharp.

Your dealer will help you select a model to suit your hand and preference.

The Literary Digest for June 27, 1925

This pen, with the “Console” design was probably made around 1923 and has a No 2 Flexible nib, as can be seen in the photo below.

The gold in the cap is suffering from two small areas of significant pitting, particularly near the vent holes. There is also some wear off the threads as can be seen above. The clip is slightly loose and the friction-fit red ripple ebonite section has some lateral scratches.

Total weight: 16.4 g
Body weight 9.3  g
Total length (not posted): 116.6 mm
Total length(with cap): 126.8 mm
Barrel max diameter: 9.9 mm
Cap max diameter: 10.3 mm


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