Geha set

The Geha Company was started in Hannover, Germany in 1918 by two brothers, Heinrich and Conrad Hartmann. (The company name is a shortened form of Gebrüder Hartmann, or Hartmann Brothers). The company, which started production of fountain pens in the 1950’s, was bought by Pelikan in 1990.

The piston-filler pen has a two-toned nib with a good flex but can easily be used as a daily-use writer.  The pencil uses .9 mm leads, which are still fairly easily available. There are two small dents in the ring around the finial of the pencil, but otherwise the set is in excellent condition.

In the photo above, it appears that the barrel of the pen is slightly faded, but this is not the case. It is, in fact, slightly translucent, and the darker area towards the back of the pen is merely the piston and its mechanism, changing the light coming through the sidewall of the barrel.

V201777 & V201778




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