Mini-review: Maruman Mnemosyne notebook

My new Maruman Mnemosyne notepad arrived today – ordered from (although they’re also available at

This is a great little (A6 -format), wire ring-bound Japanese “to-do” notebook with wonderfully smooth paper (a perfect match for my Petley pen with a Bock #6 extra-fine nib with Pelikan 4001 ink) and perforated pages.

The 197 is less than $6 per booklet. So, if it weren’t for the shipping costs, the import taxes (which I don’t mind paying – I’m a fan of pre-paid health care and strong social safety nets), and the 30$ fee by (which I do mind paying) for their kind service of calculating the taxes and sending me the bill, this would have been a great buy. Luckily, there were some more new toys in the box, so the extra fees were spread out a little…


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