This started as a rescue project. The nib and feeder come from a Montblanc 244 whose body and section had seen better days… I turned a new section, body, and cap to be able to use the nib again.

Although the pen was labeled “EF”, it’s a medium nib with a wonderful flex.

The section is friction-fit, as is the cap – so it’s a little dangerous – but not a problem if you plan to use it as a desk pen, or if you have a fountain pen case that can keep the cap on…

The filling system is a pneumatic blow-type. This is possibly the simplest type of filling system. There is a small hole in the end of the barrel (not visible in the photos). Since the interior of the barrel is otherwise airtight, when you blow into the hole, you squeeze the sac. So, you dip the nib into the ink, blow into the hole, and then release the pressure. This causes the sac to expand and fill with ink.


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