In the shop

Top to bottom: 1. Parker Duofold (moved to here), 2. unknown brand (Made in England), 3. Aurora Auretta, 4. Pelikan Pelikano (moved to here)


Stylographic pens, Left to right: 1. Graphos, 2. Faber-Castell 101-S (0.80 mm),3. Faber-Castell TG1-H (0.70 mm), 4. Faber-Castell TG1-H (0.50 mm), 5. Faber-Castell TG1-H (0.20 mm), 6. Rotring isograph >F< (0.50 mm), 7. Rapidograph No. 1, 8. Rapidograph 0.5 mm, 9. Rapidograph No. 2


Hoover 784 (Piston Filler)


Parker Duofold made by Christian Olsen (Button filler) missing the jewel on the blind cap.


Two Parker 51’s (Aeromatics)


Scripto 989


Parker Duofold made by Christian Olsen (Button Filler) Note that the cap button and clip are retrofitted (very poorly) by the previous owner.


Penol Deluxe No. 3 Mechanical Pencil


Parker 45 (Christian Olsen) and two Big Ben/Luxor’s. (The bottom one has moved to here)