Rosendahl’s “dipless” pen

This is an integrated dip pen and inkwell made by Rosendahls with a porcelain base made by Rörstrand in Sweden.

The one thing missing in this set is the feeder from under the steel nib. Looks like I might have to make one to fit if I want to use this pen in the future…

The cover over the ink bottle is bakelite, and the pen shaft appears to be made of wood with a thick layer of paint. The ink bottle is screwed into the base, so there’s no re-filling necessary; you just had to buy a new bottle of ink and screw it on to keep going.

This is a very similar design to the American “Gregory Fount-O-Ink” pens, which were made from the 1930s into at least 1950. Esterbrook also made the “Dip-less” models, and there was also a Royal Copenhagen version, although this one has been difficult to date, even with the help of the historian at Royal Copenhagen, since it doesn’t show up in their catalogues.

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