NOS Skribents

I was recently fortunate enough to come across some New Old Stock Skribent Senior 4 and Super 4 pens. As is mentioned in Holten and Lund’s book “Montblanc in Denmark”, Skribent was a sub-brand of Penol, “especially produced for the stationary store Georg Andersen, ‘Fyldepenne-Magasinet’, Amagertorv in Copenhagen.”

Although most Skribent pens were made in the Christian Olsen factory, the Super series was most likely made alongside the 200-series Montblanc pens (since they are very nearly identical), using a technique that today, we call “outsourcing”.

The three pens on the left are Senior 6s the burgundy and olive green are NOS. The black one is a pen that I restored years ago (see this posting). As you can see in the photo, the price was 60 DKK back in the day…

The middle three are Super 4s, two of which are NOS (the coral red one was used, possibly as a demonstrator in the store, since they were all in the same batch when I bought them), with a price tag of 45 DKK.

The lone one on the right is a Hoover 783 piston filler with a very nice extra fine flexible nib.

They’re all placed in a Big Ben store display tray.

Amazingly, the ink sacs in two of the two Super 4s are still flexible. As can be seen in the photo above, I haven’t done anything to them, so the 60-or-so years of tarnish on the nibs is still there. I’m debating whether to clean this up or not.

Below are some photos of the Super 4 next to a Danish-made Montblanc 214. It’s obvious that these are essentially the same pen.

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