Montblanc 206

The 206 is the largest of the three models in the 202/204/206 series, all made at the Danish factory in Copenhagen from 1950 to 1954. They were available in two colours: black and coral red celluloid, and had a stepped barrel design so that the cap and barrel flush when the pen is capped. Other examples from the series can be seen here, here, and here. The 20x series was replaced by the 21x series which had a different clip and a change in the cap/barrel design, shown here.

Since I’ve already written enough about this series on the pages above, I thought that I’d show some before and after shots of this pen instead. The first two shots show the pen’s condition when I received it. As can be seen, it’s in excellent condition for a 70-year old pen. It really just needs a cleaning and a new ink sac. There are only a couple of small issues to deal with: one is the deep staining of the star on the top finial and the other might be the staining at the bottom of the barrel.

After disassembly and a quick bath in water in the ultrasonic cleaner, but before serious cleaning and polishing. I decided on this one that it would not be necessary to remove the nib and feeder from the section. This is not a problem – but if it ain’t broke…

After a more attentive cleaning (with gentle soap and a toothbrush, some picking at the hardened goop in the imprint, and a polish, the end result looks like this:

I’ve installed a new #19 ink sac, and I’m ready to use it for taking notes at work this week.


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