Wonder / Liberty

This pen is a mystery. Online searches for a lever-filler made of ebonite with a gold overlay and the “Wonder” brand don’t get many hits. However, the more I look at this pen, the more it looks like a 1920-ish Morrison with a soldered clip instead of a riveted one. That might mean it’s a copy, or it was actually made by Morrison and re-branded.

The nib has the imprint “Liberty Pen 14C-585” which adds a little to the mystery, since Liberty was a well-known, but second-tier pen Danish company, best recognised for their Skole Pen (School Pen) or Kollegie Pen (College Pen) like this one.

In spite of the lower quality of the more common Liberty pens, this nib has a nice, controllable flex. The age of the ebonite is obvious. I’m tempted to try and get the overlay off and sand/polish the rubber back down to a shiny black – but I’m also tempted to leave well enough alone and keep it as-is.

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