The Avondale

This was the first pen I’ve made using cumberland ebonite, so I decided to make it a little homage to the Waterman 7. The curves on the cap are more exaggerated, and it’s larger than the Waterman, and there’s no band at the top of the cap, and there’s no clip… so it’s certainly not an attempt to counterfeit the original.

The nib is a steel JOWO size 6 soft nib that was an extra fine that I subsequently ground down, taking about half off the line width when writing with no pressure. This isn’t really a flex nib, although it does have some line width variation. Not for exaggerated copperplate, but nice for everyday writing without a boring monoline.

Total weight: 18.2 g
Body weight: 11.5 g (including converter)
Total length (not posted): 130.0 mm
Total length(with cap): 140.5 mm
Barrel max diameter: 12.0 mm
Cap max diameter: 14.6 mm

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