Sheaffer’s Crest Deluxe 1500 / 600 set

This is a Crest Deluxe 1500 vacuum filler fountain pen with a 500 mechanical pencil made by Sheaffer in the early-to-mid 1940s. The barrels of both are brown striated with 1/10 14 karat gold filled caps and clips. The two-tone conical nib is a 14 karat gold with palladium plating. Originally, the pen would have sold for about $15.00 and the pencil for $6.00

The pen has the Sheaffer “white dot” in the center of the end of the barrel: this set was from the days before the dot was migrated to the top of the clip.

Total weight: 21.1 g
Body weight: 11.9 g
Total length (not posted): 113.7 mm
Total length(with cap): 130.5 mm
Barrel max diameter: 12.1 mm
Cap max diameter: 12.7 mm


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