The Epworth

This pen was made-to-order as a gift. It’s made out of bog oak which is anywhere between 600 and 8500 years old, although based on how easy it was to turn, I would estimate it to be on the younger side of that range, since bog woods typically harden over time. The dark colour is the result of a reaction between the tannins in the wood with iron and minerals in the water it sat in for centuries. The roll stop is made from moose antler. 

This pen has a rather long barrel, because the writer grips the pen back on the threads at the top of the section where it meets the barrel. Consequently, the barrel had to be extended slightly to ensure a comfortable grip. It may also be evident in the photos that the taper at the end of the barrel widens slightly for the same reason.

The pen is not postable, since this would put too much of the mass at the back of the pen upsetting the balance. The interior of the barrel is stepped with 3 decreasing diameters, providing a secure housing for the converter and allowing for the taper.

The nib is a Peter Bock #5 extra fine gold-plated steel nib, ordered by the new owner.

  • Nib: Peter Bock EF gold-plated steel nib
  • Nib size: #5
  • Cap: Not Postable
  • Length, capped: 159.0 mm
  • Length, uncapped: 142.0 mm
  • Barrel diameter: 12.5 mm (max)
  • Cap diameter: 16.3 mm (max)
  • Mass, capped: 24.4 g
  • Mass, uncapped: 15.5 g


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