Parker Duofold Junior

So much has been written about the history of the Parker Duofold that it seems silly for me to say anything.

This is a Duofold Junior, identifiable by its dimensions and the two cap bands. If you have a Duofold and you’re trying to figure out which variant it is, the table on the bottom of this page is a good place to start.

This pen has the classic “Christmas Tree” feeder, but it is not a Lucky Curve. It was probably made in 1928 or 1929, since it has two cap bands, but it was made before the section was redesigned to have a smoothly-curved profile. The one thing that does set it a little apart in the world of Parker Duofolds is that, under the centre of the imprint on the barrel, it has the Christian Olsen logo (“CO” and an anchor), shown below. Olsen was the Danish importer of Parker pens for many years, and was also the owner of the Penol and Skribent brands, among others. For more information about Olsen, this page is a good place to start…

For more information about the Duofold, please see Tony Fischier’s comprehensive site, or if you’re REALLY interested, Shepherd and Zazove’s book is a fun read.

Total weight: 16.6  g
Body weight: 10.0 g
Total length (not posted): 104.9  mm
Total length(with cap): 113.0 mm
Barrel max diameter: 12.3 mm
Cap max diameter: 13.9 mm


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