Montblanc 206

The 200-series of fountain pens was made by the Danish Montblanc factory from 1950 to 1954. They were made of celluloid, with an ebonite friction-fit section and a stepped barrel design, as can be seen in the photo below.

Those with a keen eye will notice a little discolouration of the ebonite on the section due to the sulphur coming to the surface over time.

The Danish branch of Montblanc was not permitted to make any 100-series “Meisterstück” pens to avoid competition with the German-made pens. However, there is an obvious connection between the 200-series pens and the 146 and 149 (which is still in production today).

One of the characteristics of the Danish 200-series pen is the flat-back feeder, shown in the photo above. On many 200-series pens, the model number was not indicated, however, it is obviously stamped on the blind cap of this pen, as can be seen below. The 2xx indicates that this is a “second tier” pen, and the xx6 indicates that it’s a 6 mm diameter feeder / nib. This pen does not use Montblanc’s earlier numbering system, since it is a button filler which would have been a x2x…

Total weight: 18.7  g
Body weight 11.4  g
Total length (not posted):123.9 mm
Total length(with cap): 135.8 mm
Barrel max diameter: 13.3 mm
Cap max diameter: 13.9 mm


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