Papeterie H. Künnemann

I love twacking (a word from Newfoundland meaning “to look around a shop, most often without any intention of buying”) in stationary and pen stores. However, more often than not, when I walk into a high-end pen shop, I typically don’t feel very welcome. I guess I don’t look like the typical fountain pen collector who buys pens, but not ink…

This week, I happened to be in Berlin on a short business trip and I stopped into Papeterie H. Künnemann Nachf GmbH. on Uhlandstraße (a 2-minute walk from the U Uhlandstraße station) to have a look around. The staff was very welcoming, helpful, and friendly. The selection of pens, inks, and accessories was great! And, although they don’t stock my favourite paper (Marumann) they had plenty of other brands to choose from.

I’ll certainly put a visit in the list of things-to-do the next time I’m in Berlin.

Oh – and I wound up doing a little shopping. I bought a small bottle of Montblanc Heritage Spider grey ink .

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