Montblanc numbering system

In the late 1930’s Montblanc introduced their new numbering system for pen models. This consisted of a three-digit number, sometimes with an additional letter at the end. This model number can be “read” if you know how to decode it.

The first number is the price category

1: Meisterst├╝ck or Masterpiece
2: Medium priced
3: Economy Model

The second number indicated the filling system

0: Safety
2: Button
3: Piston

The third number is the size of the nib.

Occasionally, a letter would follow, indicating the finish and colour

G: Smooth
S: Chased
E: Chased rose pattern
PL: Silver grey / Black
P: Pearl

This info excerpted from Fountain Pens of the World, by Andreas Lambrou, published by Classic Pens Ltd. If you are interested in fountain pens, you should own this book!


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