Skribent 7

Skribent was a sub-brand of the Chr. Olsen factory, better known for the Penol and Parker pens in Denmark. The origins of the name “Skribent” are debated, although it is likely that it is derived from Danish “at skrive” – “to write”, and the name Bent Olsen, son of Christian Olsen, and head of the Penol brand from the 1930’s. However, it could simply be a double-reference, since a “skribent” is a person who contributes regularly to a newspaper or magazine. (thanks to Knud Olav Jensen for pointing this out – and my original error. See the comments below…)

This pen has a gold nib with the “Parlament” name – another sub-brand of Olsen’s. As can be seen in the photo below, the pressure bar was also customised for the company.

This pen was similar to the “Aëro” pens in the Penol portfolio (such as this one), since, as can also be seen in the photo above, a portion of the section was transparent, acting as an ink window, despite the fact that it is a button feeder with an ink sac. The difference between the Skribent design and the Penol Aëro’s was that the latter had a transparent section aligned with a transparent portion of the barrel, whereas this pen merely has a window in the section above the barrel, as can be seen in the photos below.

  • Nib: Parlament 585, Extra fine, flexible
  • Nib size: #5
  • Cap: Postable
  • Length, capped:  129.4mm
  • Length, uncapped: 117.8 mm
  • Barrel diameter: 11.8 mm (max)
  • Cap diameter: 13.8 mm (max)
  • Mass: 18.0 g (empty)

The clip is inscribed with the brand name, and has a snake head design.

The pen is in excellent condition, except for some minor pitting on the clip, and some rough portions around the edge of the cap screw. The imprint is visible, but not crisp. The A new ink sac has been installed, and the friction-fit section has been sealed with brown shellac to facilitate future servicing.

Note that the Danish Skribent brand should not be confused with the Cleo Skribent brand from Germany.


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2 Replies to “Skribent 7”

  1. Knud Olav Jensen

    In Danish, a “skribent” is a person who contributes regularly to a newspaper or magazine. “To write”, however, is “at skrive”, not “skribe”.

    • geoff

      Oops…. That was a typo – my fault for typing too quickly. Thanks for the correction. I’ve fixed it.

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