Parker Duofold NS

This Parker Duofold NS (New Style) was made in Denmark, in 1946 or 1947 by the Christian Olsen factory. There are two indications of the Danish origin. The first, and most obvious is the Christian Olsen anchor logo on the barrel. The second is the split arrow clip on the cap with the “PARKER” imprint. There is a greenish tint of age on portions of the section. The cap band has a chevron imprint and is slightly loose, but does not fall off the cap. The nib is in great condition, visually – it is semi-flexible and has just a slight hint of scratchiness. A new sac is installed – the pen is tested and ready for use.



  • Material: Burgundy
  • Nib: “Parker Duofold 14K Pen”
  • Barrel Imprint: “Geo. S. Parker, Parker Duofold, Reg. T. M.” and Christian Olsen anchor logo
  • Length, capped: 132.8 mm
  • Length, uncapped: 118.9 mm
  • Barrel diameter: 12.3 mm (max)
  • Cap diameter: 13.6 mm (max)
  • Year: circa 1946



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