Penol No. 1N Aëro

This Penol 1N is a small pen, and was made around 1940-1941. It is an “Aëro” pen, meaning that it is a button filler with an ink sac – however, as can be seen in the bottom photograph, there is an ink window through the section, allowing you to see how much ink is left.

The section is a friction-fit and has been newly shellacked into place.

The pen has typical marks of a used pen.

The finial at the top of the cap is chipped as shown below. I chose to not polish the clip too aggressively in order to avoid brassing.
The nib is in very good condition, and has a slight flex. However, with a Lamy ink, the feeder is not wet enough to keep a constant flow if you are using it with heavy flexing. For day-to-day use, there is no problem with the ink flow, however, the pen cannot be used for copperplate style without modifying the feeder or perhaps experimenting with wetter inks.
  • Material: Green Marbleised
  • Nib: “Garantiert 14 Karat”
  • Nib size: #5
  • Cap band: Chased
  • Length, capped: 111 mm
  • Length, uncapped: 102 mm
  • Barrel diameter: 10.0 mm (max)
  • Cap diameter: 12.0 mm (max)



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